VIP Balcony

VIP Balcony Location

VIP Balcony Concert Upgrades

NEW FOR 2022 - 1 VIP pass to access the entire balcony!

Upgrade your concert experience with a VIP Balcony Pass and you'll get access to an elevated view from the entire concert balcony with free drinks from 7PM - Midnight!  A strictly limited number of passes are sold each night.

Limited seating is available first come, first served throughout the balcony.

With this pass you can explore all areas of the outdoor concert balcony except Private VIP Suites.  This pass does not include crossover access to the front row Chrome Club section.

  • FREE DRINKS 7pm - Midnight
  • VIP Pass required to access the concert balcony starting at 6:00 PM nightly
  • Limited seating available, not reservable
  • VIP restrooms
  • Choose a single night